How to use the Pixie Puffer (and Pixie Dust) from Creek Bank Creations

One way to extend your paper-piecing dies is to use a fine dust of glitter on parts of the die. And the Creek Bank Creations Pixie Puffer and Pixie Dust is an EASY way to achieve this look.

Watch this “how-to” video:

Creek Bank Creations offers a series of paper-piecing dies that encourage the use of the Pixie Puffer, including the Bandage Die Set, the Boxing Gloves Set and the Skunk Die Set. At first, I wondered, “why not just use glittered cardstock?” But, at some point, you would have to adhere tiny die pieces on top of the glittered cardstock. And adhering to glittered cardstock doesn’t work well. It is a much crisper look and a much better adhesive HOLD to your dies if you use a strong adhesive and a fine dust of glitter at the end.

I have found that paper-piecing dies work best when used with an adhesive sheet, like Creek Bank Creations Super Tacky Tape. It comes in a big roll, and it lasts a LONG time! My one roll has lasted at least at least one year, and I do a LOT of crafting! So, don’t be intimidated by the price point. The large roll of Super Tacky Tape is worth every penny.
Along with using the Super Tacky Tape to back pieces of cardstock, you will also need to use it to really maximize the Pixie Puffer and the Pixie Dust. First, you will need to make a “Tape Sandwich” by simply “sandwiching’ a regular thin piece of printer paper in between two pieces of Super Tacky Tape. Learn more about that in this post: MORE ABOUT THE TAPE SANDWICH.

Once you have created a tape sandwich, simply die cut pieces from the tape sandwich the same way you would die cut cardstock. Using the boxing gloves die set to demonstrate, I cut the “shadow” piece from the tape sandwich and the “overlay” piece from pink cardstock.
After I remove the release paper from the “shadow” piece, the white gloves will be nothing other than die cut sticky tape. I can then lay the pink die cut gloves over top, exposing the sticky background gloves through the die cut holes. This is where the Pixie Puffer enters the scene.

Unscrew the top of the Pixie Puffer, and stand it upright inside a coffee filter (or glitter tray). I find that coffee filters work best! Place another coffee filter on the table next to the first one, and hold the jar of Pixie Dust over top of the coffee filter. Carefully open the jar, and slowly sprinkle a bit into the coffee filter. Then, carefully pick up the coffee filter, pinching together the edge. Pour the Pixie Dust carefully into the Pixie Puffer. Give the clear base a few taps inside the coffee filter on the table to shake off any excess Pixie Dust. Replace the top and screw on firmly. Replace the cap of the Pixie Dust jar, and give it a few taps inside the coffee filter on the table, as well. This will keep the fine-dust glitter under control in your stash drawer or shelf.
At first, I thought the the “arm” of the Pixie Puffer unfolded OUT, but it doesn’t. The “arm” of the Pixie Puffer operates more like the hands of a clock, or like the arm of a dial. SO, DON’T PULL IT! Instead, TURN the arm, like you are turning the dial of the stove or oven. That will put it into position.

Once the arm is in position, hold your project over a coffee filter or over the trash can, and “spray” the Pixie Dust onto your project. The super-fine Pixie Dust will stick to the TINIEST places where the Super Tacky Tape is exposed. Then, simply brush the excess off with a paintbrush, makeup brush or other dry craft brush.

This technique is also great with the Creek Bank Creations Alphabet Die Set. Simply die cut letters from a tape sandwich, adhere to your project, and use the Pixie Puffer over top.
Imagine the possibilities! The trick is to die cut from a tape sandwich whatever it is you want glittered. Then, use the Pixie Puffer and Pixie Dust on top.

Head over to creekbankcreations.com to check out the Pixie Puffer, Pixie Dust and Super Tacky Tape. Also check out their collection of dies designed to complement these unique products!
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