Mixed Media Heart | Love Forever

Today, I am sharing my newest mixed media piece called “Love Forever”.  The surface is a heart-shaped HDF board substrate, and the focal point is a photo of myself with my husband. Behind us, however, is the real story.

Look closely at the piece. The heart-shaped base and the white color represent our foundation together. 

The textured surface (stones, stenciling) symbolizes what we each brought into the relationship. Some people call that “baggage”, but I think of it more as “texture”. It’s a little rough in spots and a little uneven in other spots. 

Large shadows loom far behind us and sometimes creep into areas where they are not welcome. But the shadows never overpower us. In fact, a new garden has been transplanted. And near the bottom, delicate rice paper flowers also begin to grow. 

I placed our picture in the middle because the two of us continue to work to “meet in the middle”. That is the KEY to continuing forward (thus the key accent). The gears and cogs indicate that this is a work in progress, but the heart over the gear shows that it is a labor of love.

The antiqued frame is small, and really could only hold one of us (which is why the frame is empty). There is no longer “one” of us – just US.

Relax and enjoy as I talk you through the process video of this piece:

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Supplies Used (some include affiliate links):

HDF heart-shaped board by CraftUla

Beige/Brown Flowers by Craft O’Clock

Brown Leaves by Craft O’Clock

Blue Flower Rice Paper by Craft O’Clock

Gesso by StudioOne

Gel Medium by Liquitex

Modeling Paste by Liquitex

Opal Magic Wax by Finnabair (Blue Velvet)

Lindy’s Magicals on Amazon (Tweedle Dee Denim & Sassy Sapphire)

Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes by Creative Expressions

Frame Silicone Mold (Amazon)

Acrylic Paint (Black)

Chipboard accents by Craft O’Clock.

GRRR! | Stuck-Too-Quick | Scrapbook Layout Fixes

Why don’t I just leave things alone?

My layout was going fine. Here was my progress before I decided to mess with it.

My layout was going fine… this was how it looked before I pulled up the top strip just to fishtail one end.
Then, this happened.

So, first I glued down the rip.

I glued the paper strip back down (including random rips).

I planned to cover up the ripped section of the paper strip with cute embellishments. But what could I do about the ripped section on the base cardstock itself? I didn’t want embellishments floating all over the page in attempt to cover up a rip.

Enter my solution: washi tape…

A little bit of script printed washi tape didn’t change the look of the layout. AND it covered up the ripped background.

Script-printed washi tape was the perfect solution to “cover” something without the look of a “cover-up”. I really like the look of it because it blends right into the look of the layout.

This seemed to fix my issue!

Check out the finished result!

Don’t stress over your scrapbook layout mistakes…

Instead, just see what already exists on the layout and try to blend the “mistake” into the page. Most of the time, this will work!

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I messed up… | Lettering Disaster | Scrapbook Layout Fixes

This was a disaster. I should have just left the title alone. It was fine. But nooooo…. I had to try to outline my nice die-cut, already-adhered letters with a white gel pen.


Who knows. It looked crazy, and I also dragged the pen a bit by accident. So I wanted to pull the letters off and redo them.

Except the cardstock ripped, and then it looked worse.

I should have just left the layout alone!

My “fix idea” was to go with the “cover-up”.

Fortunately, the layout already had nice symmetrical blocks on the bottom-left and bottom-right side. So, if I used paper from the same paper collection and cut it to the same size as the existing blocks, it should cover up the mistake nicely.

“Should” is the key word here…

I measured the existing block.
I chose paper scraps from the same paper collection.
And I basically just adhered paper and cardstock right over top of my mistake.

This seemed to fix my issue!

Looks great!
Check out the finished result!

Don’t stress over your scrapbook layout mistakes…

Instead, just see what already exists on the layout and go for the “big cover-up”. Most of the time, this will work!

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