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Today I’m sharing a Design Team Project for Maymay Made It, a design that can be a card, a scrapbook layout, OR BOTH! The project only uses the Maymay Made It Risen Stamp Set, a roll of Maymay Sticky Tape, an Easter Egg embossing folder, a few pieces of paper and some Distress Ink. It’s SOOOO easy! Here are the easy steps to create this project…

If you are a cardmaker, you will need to start with a card base (any size you prefer). For my card I used 100 lb Alabaster cardstock by Brutus Monroe and cut it to an A2-sized card base (4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″). Then, I cut a solid-color cardstock panel measuring 4″ x 5-1/4″. I work with this panel throughout the project and adhere it to card base at the very end.

If you are making a scrapbook layout, start the same way except just use whatever size white cardstock base you prefer (let’s say 12″ x 12″, for example). Then, choose a solid color cardstock piece, and trim 1/4″ off the top and off ONE side. We will work with the solid colored piece and at then end, we will mount the whole thing on the white piece.
Next, use the roll of Maymay Sticky Tape as a “stencil”. Of course, if you have a circle die or a circle cutter, you could use that instead. But if not, position the roll of Maymay Sticky Tape in the upper right portion of the card or the scrapbook layout. Make sure the roll of tape hangs off the edge of the paper a bit. Then, use a pencil to lightly trace around the inside of the roll of Maymay Sticky Tape. Use scissors to cut out the circle shape. Then, adhere that same cut-out circle shape diagonally below the circle hole. If you want, you could also use an additional piece of the same colored paper/cardstock to cut additional circles and adhere them to the base, as well. This gives a nice “faux” texture to the project without taking away from the solid color itself. Use Distress Ink or Distress Oxide Ink to ink around the outside edges of the colored cardstock base.

Lay (but do not adhere yet!) the colored panel on top of the white base, and lightly trace where the hole is. You will need that to be able to see where to stamp. Then, use Distress Oxide Ink and a stamping platform (or acrylic block) to stamp “Happy Easter” on the white carstock base inside the traced circle. I LOVE the font on this stamp! Once the ink dries, erase the pencil line.
Use 3 or 4 different pieces of patterned paper or double-sided paper to run through the Easter Egg embossing folder. I used paper from the Just Married Echo Park Double-Sided Paper. I love the colors in this pack and I also love that some of the sides are solids. If you are using double-sided paper through an embossing folder, however, be mindful that one side will be “de-bossed” and the other side will be “embossed”.


Once you emboss the papers, use Distress Ink or Distress Oxide Ink to drag over the raised side of the paper (you may have to sand it lightly, first). Experiment with the look of dragging ink over the “debossed” side, as well. Use scissors to fussy-cut out all the individual egg shapes. Get comfy, because this will take some time.

Arrange the eggs on your project so there are more eggs at the bottom and they gradually reach to the “Happy Easter” circle. Avoid making perfect rows, and avoid the “pyramid” look. Instead, imagine the eggs as they look when they “tumble” out of the hole onto the floor. Get a nice layer of eggs and then step back and look at it from a distance.
If you think it “needs something”, try adding 2 or 3 strips of 1/4″ or 1/2″ kraft-colored paper or cardstock over top of the eggs on the bottom third of the project. Or, use strips the same color as the solid-colored base. Or, use a combination of both colors. Then, randomly adhere a few more eggs on top of those strips. Also, try adding two smaller eggs to the left a little “off the pile” (as if they flew off on their own). When you are satisfied, adhere the entire thing to the card base or scrapbook layout base.
If you are making a scrapbook layout, crop your photos into circles using either a circle die, circle cutter, or tracing the roll of Maymay Sticky Tape. For best results, use an EVEN number of photos on this layout. Start with the first photo diagonally below left and slightly touching the “Happy Easter” cutout HOLE. Then, continue with the other photos, allowing them to “tumble” down like the eggs. Make sure all the circle photos touch (no floaters!). RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO USE OVAL DIES for your photos for this project! It will be way too much oval (it will be overkill… or would that be “oval-kill”?).
That’s it! EASY!

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