Welcome to Sandpaper Road, home of Craft Outfitting™ and place for hand-crafted original mixed media art, greeting cards, and scrapbook pages and albums.

The Sandpaper Road Formula™ and Craft Outfitting™ are copyrighted trademarks of Sandpaper Road. Please be respectful and DO NOT COPY my ideas for monetary gain. My ideas and crafts are for personal purposes and inspiration ONLY and may NOT be copied for your YouTube tutorials, for magazines, contests, monetary gains or challenges.

I do participate affiliate programs. This means that when you purchase a product from a link I provide, I receive a small commission at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. I use this commission to bring you more blog posts and YouTube videos.

I personally purchase most products I use with the exception of gifted items and items provided for demonstration and/or review. Those items are acknowledged in videos and posts. I do not do paid reviews. If I am asked to review a product, I review it honestly with my own personal opinion.

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