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Today I am sharing a few cards I made using only 4 craft supplies, one of which is the “Happy Happy Happy” Panel Die from Creek Bank Creations. This die is specifically designed to fit the front of a top-folding, A2-sized card.
I should mention that when I say “4 supplies”, I am not including basic items cardmakers typically have on hand like cardstock, card bases, paper trimmer, die cut machine or basic cardmaking adhesive. I should also mention that each card I am making here will be 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ (A2).

Watch the full process video here:

For the first 2 cards, I used the following 4 supplies:
1. Creek Bank Creations Happy Happy Happy Panel Die
2. Creek Bank Creations Dancing Kings Die
3. Creek Bank Creations Super Tacky Tape
4. Sizzix Silicone Rubber
First, I placed a piece of cardstock onto a piece of Super Tacky Tape and trimmed the cardstock so it would fit through my Sizzix Big Shot. Then, I die cut a “Happy Happy Happy” Panel Die. I repeated the process again, except I used the Dancing Kings die and black cardstock.
Then, with my paper trimmer, I cut a card panel measuring 4″ x 5-1/4″. Then, I placed the “Happy Happy Happy” die on my plain cardstock panel and used the Sizzix silicone rubber shim in my Sizzix Big Shot to EMBOSS the die image onto the panel.
This would be great to leave as-is, but for this card, I did something different. I used the embossed image as a guide and placed the negative space pieces of the die cut (with the sticky tape backing) onto the impression. Then, I cut apart one of the three “dancing kings” and placed it over top of the panel as an accent.Snapshot_308Snapshot_309
I adhered the panel to my card base, and my first 4-supply card was done! Of course, you could accent the card with bling, ribbon or embellishments from your stash, but the basic card mails nicely and looks great just as it is!

The second card actually is a continuation of the first card. I cut another cardstock panel measuring 4″ x 5-1/4″. Since I had already used up the negative space from the Happy die cut, all I had left was the positive image. I simply peeled the image off tape backing and stuck it to my panel. HINT: try dripping a little bit of UN-DU Adhesive Remover on the sticky die cut before you try to adhere it to the cardstock panel. The Un-Du temporarily makes the sticky “not sticky” just long enough to get the die cut exactly where you want it without damaging your work.

After the Happy die cut panel was in place, I carefully cut apart another one of the die cut “dancing kings” and used it as an accent right over top of the “happy” panel. Of course, you could embellish the card even more, but if you like simple designs, this card is great as it is! These first two cards were SOOOO easy to make in almost no time!The third card I made uses the following 4 supplies:
1. Creek Bank Creations Happy Happy Happy Panel Die
2. Creek Bank Creations Super Tacky Tape
3. UN-DU Adhesive Remover – 4oz Bottle
4. Glitter
First, I used my paper trimmer to cut a cardstock panel measuring 4″ x 5-1/4″. Then, instead of adhering the Super Tacky Tape to cardstock and then die cutting, I made what Julie Creek (from Creek Bank Creations) calls a “tape sandwich”. Here’s how: place a thin piece of scratch paper or copy machine paper onto a piece of Super Tacky Tape. Cut the tape off the roll.
You now have a random piece of paper with a piece of tape stuck to it, right? Stick that whole thing to ANOTHER piece of the Super Tacky Tape, but this time, fit it so the tape is like the “bread” of a sandwich and the copy paper is the “meat” of the sandwich (make sure to line up the tape just right. Think of how you would line up the pieces of bread on a sandwich). Trim off the excess copy paper. You now have a “tape sandwich”.
Then, I cut a “Happy Happy Happy” Panel Die from the tape sandwich. I had to run it a few times through my die cut machine so make sure I cut all the way through the tape. After I had my die cut, I used UN-DU Adhesive Remover to saturate one side of the tape sandwich and removed the paper backing off one side. Carefully, I stuck the die cut tape sandwich to the cardstock panel I cut earlier. The Un-Du allowed me to place the die cut exactly where I wanted it.
Then, I removed the backing on the front side of the “happy” die, revealing sticky tape words. I coated the sticky tape words with glitter and tapped off the excess. Gorgeous!
The fourth card I made uses the following 4 supplies:
1. Creek Bank Creations Happy Happy Happy Panel Die
2. Creek Bank Creations Super Tacky Tape
3. Creek Bank Creations Label Rectangle Stitched die
4. Acetate sheet or clear plastic from deli container
First, I die adhered a piece of cardstock to some Super Tacky Tape and trimmed off the excess. I die cut a “Happy Happy Happy” panel from the tape-backed cardstock. Then, cut a single white cardstock panel the same size as the inside top of my card. I opened my card base and secured the loose white panel to the inside top with a little scrap piece of washi tape. Then, I die cut a Label Rectangle out of the front of my card base, cutting through both the card base and the loose panel at the same time. This created a stitched shaped opening right in the front of the card and through the loose panel.
I removed the loose panel and set it aside. Then, I adhered a clear acetate panel to the inside front of the card. This clear plastic filled in the “hole”, but didn’t compromise the strength of the card front. Since I didn’t want to look at the inside edges of the clear plastic, I adhered the loose panel on top of plastic right over top. The die cut holes lined up perfectly since I die cut them at the same time. Then, I adhered the “Happy” die cut to the card front, right over top of the hole and the clear plastic.
Of course, these 4 cards would be beautiful to give just using these 4 supplies. They mail nicely and they stay flat. They are also easy to create, and they are nice designs to use up kits or paper packs. For me, they need a little embellishing, so I added some acrylic paint and a few Nuvo Crystal Drops or sequined accents. I love the cards I created with a combination of Ranger Ink – Dylusions Paint – Black Marble and Prima – Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Acrylic Paint – Opal Magic – Violet Green.
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