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What is Craft Outfitting™?

Craft Outfitting™ can help you transfer awesome projects out of your mind and onto the paper or surface, even when you don’t know where to start. Craft Outfitting™ helps you create “that look” you see in craft magazines and online, but still leaves room for your own creativity and design. And best of all, there are no kits to purchase or supplies to have shipped — Craft Outfitting™ uses YOUR OWN SUPPLIES!

With Craft Outfitting™, you will simultaneously give your mind a creative rest AND a creative recharge. How is this possible? Use your personal craft stash as your “closet”. Then, based on the “outfit” you choose, select a few pieces of cardstock and a few tools and follow a series of step-by-step instructions. In a few hours, you will have completed a series of 12″x12″ SCRAPBOOK PAGES and several A2-SIZED GREETING CARDS all IN ONE SITTING!

Here’s how it works: I used the The FREE SAMPLE pattern below to make two (12″x12″) layouts, five (8″x8″) layouts and six (A2) top-folding cards. I wanted to work on my oldest son’s sports album, so I chose basketball-themed paper (several sheets according to the pattern). The pattern let me relax at my craft table and follow simple instructions to create lots of projects at once. I made TWO (12″x12″) layouts:

I also made FIVE (8″x8″) layouts:

And, I also made SIX cards:

When I followed the pattern, I was in control of the paper I chose and the embellishments I chose. I could have made these projects any way I wanted, for any occasion I wanted.

Check out the same exact “outfit” using different paper. I made TWO (12″x12″) layouts:

I made FIVE (8″x8″) layouts:

And I made SIX cards:

Same exact pattern. ONE SITTING. Different paper. Different embellishments. No subscription kits. No fancy tools. Just you and your stash and one Craft Outfitting™ pattern. Imagine if you did the pattern again with holiday paper, baby paper, wedding paper! Imagine graduation paper, school years paper, beach vacation paper! Think of the possibilities using cat or dog paper, Halloween paper, winter paper, spring flower paper… anything you have in your stash already will FINALLY get used!

How is Craft Outfitting™ different from a layout sketch or challenge? First of all, a layout sketch always begins with the sketch, the picture of the end result. Craft Outfitting™ always starts with the materials, the papers you are in the mood to work with. Secondly, with a layout sketch, you pull papers and supplies and end up with one project. With Craft Outfitting™, you pull papers and supplies and end up with several projects! Finally, a layout sketch requires you to try to figure out as you go how to achieve the end result, but with Craft Outfitting™, you just follow the instructions and almost like magic, the projects appear! Then you can really use your creativity to make those projects fit YOUR occasions.

Sandpaper Road offers Craft Outfitting™ patterns for purchase. Visit and click the SHOP button or click HERE: SHOP Craft Outfitting™ by Sandpaper Road

What will you get with your purchase? Your purchase includes ONE easy-to-follow, downloadable, printable pattern with step-by-step instructions to create several projects in one sitting (with over 50 full-color photos to accompany the steps), plus a private link to a companion video tutorial which walks you through the pattern every step of the way. Once you purchase a pattern, you can watch the video again and again. You can also print or download the pattern (with the full-color photos) to take to a crop (especially handy if your crop location’s WiFi is spotty or unreliable).

The above pattern is only a short sample of what you will make with a Craft Outfitting™ pattern. Typically, Craft Outfitting™ patterns yield FOUR (12″x12″) layouts and TWELVE (A2, top-folding) cards. Imagine… with FIVE patterns, you will be able to make a 20-page (12″x12″) album and 60 cards in no time! Plus, you can use the patterns again and again for different holidays, seasons and occasions!

STILL NOT SURE? Give it a try! Check out this PRINT-FRIENDLY FREE SAMPLE Craft Outfitting™ PATTERN by Sandpaper Road HERE: Craft.Outfitting.FREE SAMPLE PATTERN.A.1.print.friendly.version

VIEW the FREE companion video on YouTube HERE: Craft Outfitting™ FREE SAMPLE VIDEO

This FREE sample pattern gives you a place to use your shape-cutting scissors that you may have had for a while. If you are new to scrapbooking and want some inexpensive shape-cutting scissors, click the photo to take advantage of Sandpaper Road’s affiliate deal with Amazon (no code needed):
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Craft Outfitting, Use What You Have

Sample Layouts Created From DIY Scrapbooking Kits

Making your own scrapbooking and cardmaking kit with the Sandpaper Road Formula™ not only saves you money, but it saves you time, as well. Plus, it’s easy and foolproof! Just pull a few sheets of cardstock according to the formula, and you’re ready to go! You have everything you need to make base layouts for several 12″x12″ scrapbook pages and and several A2-sized, top-folding cards (all in one sitting)!

CLICK HERE for a link to making your own DIY Scrapbooking and Cardmaking kit using the Sandpaper Road Formula™! Don’t worry, it’s free (for real).

Today, though, I want to share the projects I made with one of the kits. First, I made my kit by pulling patterned paper and cardstock according to the Sandpaper Road Formula™.

CLICK HERE to view the formula. It’s super easy! You literally just pull sheets of paper you already have in your stash. It’s how you choose the pattern ARRANGEMENT that makes the formula unique.

After I made my kit, I made 4 scrapbook pages (12″ x 12″) and 6 top-folding, A2-sized cards, all in one sitting (I chose to add the photos to my pages later). The stamps I used are from Issue 51 of Creative Stamping Magazine. I used Memento Tuxedo Black stamping ink and Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers for coloring the stamped images.

Watch the complete “show and tell video” here:


LAYOUT 2 (double-page spread):


CARDS (I made 6 cards total, but I since I made 2 identical cards with the hedgehog stamp, I only will show one image of that design):

SPECIAL NOTES: I added a stamped image of a top hat to the hedgehog using The “Crazy Things” (CMS237#) stamp set from Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous. After I made the 6 cards and 4 scrapbook pages, I still had a few decent-sized pieces left from my kit, so I pulled a piece of cardstock I had gel-printed a few weeks earlier to use as a base and I made an additional 12″ x 12″ page.

I still had some big pieces from the kit, so I pulled ANOTHER piece of previously-gel-printed cardstock and made ANOTHER 12″ x 12″ page. On this page, I added Prima Marketing Art Alchemy-Sparks-Butterfly Spells Acrylic Paint and also flowers from my stash. This scrapbook page will hold four 4″ x 4″ photos.

PRODUCTS USED are pictured below (NOTE: the patterned paper and 12″ x 12″ cardstock were from my personal craft stash. The products below are additional items I used):

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