Commit to Christmas – Do NOW and Avoid the December Rush

Determined to do more cardmaking or scrapbooking this Christmas season? Try these 5 tips NOW to avoid the December rush! #sandpaperroad #committochristmas #christmas #craftorganization #christmascardideas

Inspiration to Get More Done: Top 3 Tips for Craft Room Organization

Are you ready to organize your scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies? I just finished re-organizing, and I realized that there are three things I should have been doing all along in my craft area (even when I was just starting out)! So take a peek inside my art area and check out my TOP 3 TIPSContinue reading “Inspiration to Get More Done: Top 3 Tips for Craft Room Organization”

Ultimate Craft Area Tips & Tricks: Sorting Paper Scraps

Are you drowning in a sea of cardstock and patterned paper? How do you deal with paper scraps? Now, for the real question: Are you HAPPY with the way you deal with paper scraps? Does your system make your crafting life easier?
I made some major changes in my paper organization, although they really aren’t noticeable to anyone besides me. Here are the 3 main changes I made…

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