Inspiration to Get More Done: Top 3 Tips for Craft Room Organization

Are you ready to organize your scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies? I just finished re-organizing, and I realized that there are three things I should have been doing all along in my craft area (even when I was just starting out)! So take a peek inside my art area and check out my TOP 3 TIPSContinue reading “Inspiration to Get More Done: Top 3 Tips for Craft Room Organization”

Use What You Have – Vintage Cricut – STACKING

When a product is well-made, it is made to last! Use what you have, and get more out of your “vintage” Cricut machine with these craft hacks! #officialcricut #cricutideas #cricutbeginner #cricutexpression #cricutexpression2 #cricutoriginal #cricutcreations #cricutmade #sandpaperroad #usewhatyouhave #vintagecricut #scrapbooking #cardmaking #mixedmedia

Inspiration to Get More Done – Easy Cards Using Paper Scraps

When I sit down to make cards or scrapbook layouts, it is as EASY as pie because I do all my creative thought about color and size beforehand! This way, my creative focus can be on how to USE these pieces or scraps, which is much more manageable for my brain! Here are some close-ups of these “scrap” cards…

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