Converting Wood-Mount Stamps into Cling Stamps

If you have been stamping for a while, you might have been around for the dynamic shift from wooden rubber stamps to cling stamps. Although veteran stampers still might use their wood-mount stamps, it is almost impossible to use them with a stamping platform. So, converting some or all of your collection of wood-mount stamps to cling stamps is logical, but time-consuming and sometimes frustrating.

Here is a “hack” to help smooth out the process…

First, invest in some Un-Du Adhesive Remover. You will be glad you did, as one bottle lasts a long time. It won’t damage photos, paper or scissors.

Next, invest in some Crafter’s Companion EZ Mount Foam (the gray kind works much better than the black). I found a 10-pack on Amazon (which seems like a lot, but compared to the cost PER SHEET, this was the best deal).

The foam features one “cling” side (leave the release paper ON) and one super-sticky side (leave the release paper ON at first). Simply pull the red rubber stamp off of the old wooden block and separate the rubber stamp from the OLD FOAM. Then, with your hand, HOLD the rubber stamp against the new foam and cut the new foam (do NOT stick it yet). When you cut, leave about 1/8″ or so around the perimeter of the old rubber stamp.

THEN, stick the rubber stamp to the new foam.

Apply a bit of Un-Du to your scissor blades and CLOSELY trim the super-sticky foam against the rubber stamp.

Watch this short video to see what I mean

…and learn this EASY HACK in action!

Who knew?!

The Un-Du keeps the scissor blades from sticking to the foam. It’s just like cutting regular foam! Keep re-applying the Un-Du as needed until you are finished trimming.

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