Rusty Autumn Butterfly Card

Late summer, early fall…

What a lovely time of year! The end of one season and the beginning of another. Autumn is such a beautiful picture of change.

I suppose that’s how I personally feel right now, as well. And my newest art creation really reflects this.

This was how my piece began, and I did all this in one sitting. I started with a random scrap of cardboard painted in white gesso, and I started building on top of that. Chipboard shapes, hot glue silicone mold shapes (the one didn’t quite set right, but I used it anyway). Mini stones, a few shiny gold flakes in one corner, and my favorite – a hatpin embellishment.

I found my last piece of insanely heavy brown cardstock and made it into a card base (no particular size). I wanted the card base to be big enough to hold my mixed media “tag”, so I cut the brown cardstock with “eyeball” measurements. I added black gesso and rice paper to the card base, and then adhered my mixed media tag over top with 3D matte gel.

Then came the “rust paste”!

The funny thing is that as I was creating this, I knew in my head how I wanted the finished product to look. After I created the base mixed media tag piece and adhered it to the card, I went to bed. The next morning when I looked at my half-done creation, I thought, “this looks horrible.”

But I kept going… I knew how I wanted the end result to look

…and sometimes, you can’t just give up when the initial base layers don’t look “right” to you. I’m glad I finished this project and stuck to the image in my head, because it turned out just the way I wanted!

I added a chipboard sentiment and fussy-cut leaves…

Because I built up the layers of this piece from the bottom-up, I really didn’t have to use any dimensional foam or cardboard or anything. I just used the 3D Matte Gel to adhere the chipboard sentiment and then underneath, filled in the empty space with fussy cut leaves and my glue gun.

Images with purpose

Because I chose the “Learn to Fly” chipboard quote, I wanted the focal images to coordinate. So I chose two butterflies and one bird from the “Charming Extras – Autumn” Set. I LOVE the way this looks, and it turned out great!

Do you like this project? Would YOU have quit after the initial base layer, or would YOU have kept on going? LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW, and tell me all about your project successes and fails!

Thank you for looking!

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