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Why don’t I just leave things alone?

My layout was going fine. Here was my progress before I decided to mess with it.

My layout was going fine… this was how it looked before I pulled up the top strip just to fishtail one end.
Then, this happened.

So, first I glued down the rip.

I glued the paper strip back down (including random rips).

I planned to cover up the ripped section of the paper strip with cute embellishments. But what could I do about the ripped section on the base cardstock itself? I didn’t want embellishments floating all over the page in attempt to cover up a rip.

Enter my solution: washi tape…

A little bit of script printed washi tape didn’t change the look of the layout. AND it covered up the ripped background.

Script-printed washi tape was the perfect solution to “cover” something without the look of a “cover-up”. I really like the look of it because it blends right into the look of the layout.

This seemed to fix my issue!

Check out the finished result!

Don’t stress over your scrapbook layout mistakes…

Instead, just see what already exists on the layout and try to blend the “mistake” into the page. Most of the time, this will work!

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