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It’s easy to create a military card with your “Americana” craft products! Simply shift your thinking from “red-white-and-blue” to a military color palette!

For today’s inspiration, I am using the “Flag Across America” stamp from Technique Junkies.

1. Browse Pinterest for “military color palette”.

Choose one sheet of cardstock for each color in the palette.

2. Use Versamark Ink to stamp the “Flag Across America” on the black cardstock.

Emboss with white embossing powder. I used white embossing powder by Ranger.

3. Color inside each star with a white pen. This image now is your BASE IMAGE.

4. Use Archival Ink to stamp the “Flag Across America” on each sheet of military-colored cardstock.

THIS is the tricky part!

5. Start at the bottom of the country and work your way up.

Lay all the stamped colored cardstock sheets in front of you. On the first sheet, put a #1 next to the bottom stripe.
On the second sheet, put a #2 one stripe up from the bottom.
On the third sheet, put a #3 two stripes up from the bottom.
Continue on each cardstock sheet until you reach the top.

Place “x” marks where there are NO NUMBERS on the colored cardstock sheets.

6. Each striped line will be hand-cut (or “fussy-cut”) and glued onto the BASE IMAGE.

You might find it helpful to place numbers (starting from the bottom) on the BASE IMAGE stripes. These will be covered up when you glue the colored stripe over top. CAREFULLY cut and glue the stripes.

7. Use a shape die to cut out your completed country image.

I used the Label Rectangle Stitched Dies by Creek Bank Creations.

8. Accent the edges of your die cut image with a little drag of white matte acrylic paint to make it “pop”.

I just use cheap matte paint from my local discount store.

9. Embellish with stickers and metal, if you have them.

I wanted to create the look of a “dog tag”, so I found a chipboard tag album that was held together with a metal “chain” and used that around the die cut image to mimic the look.


If you plan to send soldiers cards which include metal, bling or glitter, be sure to check with the mailing requirements for that particular military branch. Many branches do not allow anything “shiny” to be sent to soldiers, but these cards would be PERFECT to give to your hero when he or she returns home!

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