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My family plays a LOT of chess, and I really wanted to capture this in a scrapbook layout. Now, when I say that we play a LOT of chess, we play a LOT of chess. It’s typical to play 6 games in a row with my youngest son, then one LONG game with my oldest son, and several depressing quick games with my husband (he ruthlessly beats us all).

So, when I saw the new “Age of Gentlemen” paper collection by Craft O’Clock, I literally almost cried real tears. Check out the collection below:

I wanted my scrapbook layout to include chess pieces that moved across the page. Check out my process video to see exactly how I made this happen on my layout. Click the video below to watch:

First, I chose 2 pieces of paper from the 30,5 cm x 30,5 cm (12” x 12”) collection for my layout. One piece was for the main part of the layout, and the second piece would lay underneath the main page.

I cut my “underneath piece” to exactly 30,5 cm x 30,5 cm (12″ x 12″) and I set it aside. Then, I cut my main piece of paper to 27,94 cm x 27,94 cm (11″ x 11″).

Inside the 15,24 cm x 15,24 cm (6″ x 6″) paper collection, I found extra sheets of chess-piece fussy-cut embellishments that were perfect for my project! I also spent time fussy-cutting pieces from the “Flowers 23” extras set.

I decided where I wanted my moving piece to start and stop. Then, I SCORED a .64cm (1/4″) wide “track” line to act as a “slider” area. The “track” is where my foam tape would go, and I would adhere the chess piece on top of the foam tape. My track line is as wide as my foam tape, so if you are trying this technique cut your track the same width as your foam tape.

Using a craft knife, I cut out the track. Then, I glued that small cut-out piece to the “underneath piece” of scrapbook paper by fitting it right back inside the hole. Gluing this small piece to the “underneath” page will act as a guide when I fit the two large papers together. Also, the small piece will show through and blend into the front piece nicely.

I created a pull-strip with stiff cardboard. Make sure you have a nice LONG strip (to be trimmed down later on). I covered the cardboard with the scrap pieces I cut off the edges of my base page, and I used a marker to make a dot on the strip where I thought my foam tape would go. Then, I checked the strip and made adjustments before securing the foam tape.

Before I secure the chess piece to the foam tape, I needed to add scrap pieces of cardboard to the BACK of the main front piece of scrapbook paper. The scrap cardboard needs to act as a “jig” to hold the pull-strip in place. After creating the “jig”, I just added a few more scrap cardboard pieces here and there, so the layout would adhere evenly to the “underneath” piece.

It seems confusing to try to explain this easy process in words. I encourage you to watch the video tutorial to fully understand this technique.

After the jig was in place and the scrap cardboard was ready, I placed a small piece of foam tape through the track hole and I stuck it to the strip. Then, I placed a small chipboard die cut on the foam tape. This die cut will serve as the “seat” for my chess piece. I adhered the chess piece right on the chipboard die cut, pulled the strip back and forth, and the piece moved across the layout.

Finally, I finished embellishing the layout and mounted the whole thing on top of the 30,5 cm x 30,5 cm (12″ x 12″) base frame piece. If needed, trim the “pull strip” so it doesn’t hang over the edge of the base frame piece.

I finished off the layout with a few “Special Occasions Quotes II” and some flowers from the coordinating extras sheet.

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Age of Gentlemen Paper Collection:
30,5 cm x 30,5 cm (12” x 12”);
Flowers 23 (XXIII);
Chipboard Die Cuts;

Special Occasions Quotes II;
Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive;
Scor-Tape .64 cm (1/4”) and 1,27 cm (1/2”);
Double-sided foam tape;
Cardboard for the “pull”;
Hot glue gun/glue sticks;
Scissors by Tonic 12,7 cm (5”) detail scissors and 22,86 cm (9”).

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