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IMG_0564~photo-fullDoes your mountain of scrapbooking supplies and cardmaking supplies contain ridiculous amounts of unused (AND used) letter sticker sheets? How do you actually USE these sticker letters? And what about those cut-apart letters that AREN’T stickers? If your letter sticker (and non-sticker) stash is a bit out of control, here are some ideas for using them up and creating beautiful projects, as well!

Watch the full video (complete with project demonstrations) HERE:

TIP #1: Combine fonts/letters/colors on a scrap and die cut letters/shapes. Try this on acetate sheets, too. It seems overly simple, just sticking random letters on paper and die cutting shapes, but it’s a nice way to use up leftovers and add variety to your projects.

This is also a cute idea to use as a background behind shaker cards or window cards. Glittery shaker filling will catch slightly against the letter stickers, creating lots of interest.
With those same stickers, I also made a few random words on scrap pieces of acetate. Then I trimmed the words into strips, leaving extra length on one end. I’m not sure yet how I will use these, but I wanted to leave myself enough extra room to work with later on.

TIP #2: Make acrostics. Again, this may seem overly simple but sometimes we forget about those “timeless” ideas when it comes to scrapbooking. Also, consider making acrostics using descriptive words or even numbers vertically instead of a person’s name. Also, think of this as an opportunity to do your journaling as a main focal point of your page. And try not to get too hung up on whether or not the letters in the acrostic match EACH OTHER. Focus more on the letters matching the LAYOUT. Someone looking closely will see as an afterthought that your words form an acrostic (which is a nice surprise).
E – Enthusiastic About Art
R – Ryan’s and Calvin’s Mom
I – Interested in “Why”
N – Never Giving Up

TIP #3: Make words on paper and cut out. Store as phrases to use later. Consider creating prepositions, commonly used phrases or sentiments to fill in for stamps you don’t have. For example, use leftover letters to create words like “about”, “love”, “kids”, “hello”, etc. In the examples below, I also used leftover letters to decorate the lower left background corner of the layout.

TIP #4: An idea for non-sticky letters is to trace out the negative space onto patterned paper and create more letters. This works best with large monogram or over-sized chunky letters. Simply trace and fussy cut missing letters – a great solution for the crafter who does not have die cutting machine (check out the full process video above for this technique!).

TIP #5: Use the negative empty space of large non-sticky letters to trace and cut photos into letter shapes for layouts. I love layouts with this technique! It’s such a neat way to showcase photos (especially small photos).

TIP #6: Use an image stamp or image sticker to fill in a missing letter. For example, use a “sun” sticker for a missing “O” or use a “house” stamp for a missing “A”. Stamps or stickers of people or kids work great for this, too.


Check out the “Using Letter Sticker Sheets, Part 1” video HERE:

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