HOW SMART Scrapbookers and Cardmakers shop for supplies

How do scrapbookers and cardmakers afford to have all that stuff? Many crafters have been at it for years, sometimes decades, and the supplies accumulate naturally. But I can tell you this: One thing ALL smart scrapbookers and cardmakers DO is keep a running “shopping list” in their craft areas and they update that list DURING crafting times. Here are 5 MORE TIPS for smart supply shopping if you are a cardmaker or a scrapbooker:

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DO buy online from the manufacturer. Smart scrapbookers and cardmakers follow their favorite manufacturers on social media or subscribe to their email newsletters. Then, when big sales hit, smart crafters are the first to know. Some manufacturers also offer shipping discounts or offer free shipping altogether. Stay connected at the source, and you will always stay informed.

DO shop online using affiliate links. Smart scrapbookers and cardmakers DO NOT shy away from clicking on affiliate links out of fear that their personal information will be hacked or stolen. Instead, smart crafters think of affiliate links as an “in-home party”. Sometimes, my friends invite me to an in-home party for oils, plastic containers, natural soaps or other products. Even if I COULD purchase these same products elsewhere, I choose to support my friend by purchasing through them at their in-home party. They get a bonus, and I get the same product I would purchase anyway. Affiliate links are no different. They are simply the number one way to support your favorite YouTuber or blogger. They get a little bonus, and you get the same product you would purchase anyway. Plus, some affiliate links even offer additional discounts which are unavailable elsewhere.

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DO use gift cards and blowout sales throughout the year to buy “non-glamorous” items (storage containers, gel medium, page protectors, gesso). Smart crafters know that staying organized while always having the basics on hand is a MUST. It will do much more good in the long run to spend that gift card on a “foundation” item, because you will need it anyway, regardless.

Deco Foil HOT Foils

DO buy in bulk. For one entire year, keep track of consumables (adhesive refills, card bases, envelopes, basic cardstock, etc).  Then, the following year, buy a stash IN BULK at a discount price for the entire upcoming year. Take advantage of bulk shopping warehouse clubs for to purchase reams of cardstock or buy your adhesive through a shipping supply company such as Uline.com. Even though it takes some time and dedication for this one, it is incredibly cheaper in the long run.

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DO anticipate fads, and DO control impulses. Smart scrapbookers and cardmakers do NOT buy the latest and greatest thing just because it’s the latest and greatest. Smart crafters DO put the latest and greatest supplies on a LIST. And then… wait (even if it’s only for a little bit). Think of those “amazing” craft products that have come and gone just since you have been crafting. Remember how everyone “oooo-ed” and “aaaah-ed” over them when they first came out? So instead of rushing to purchase the newest things, watch a few YouTube tutorials and get a feel for the products you want before you buy them. If you still want them after that, go for it! You will use them a lot more!

Try these tips for yourself for one year, and compare it to your crafting budget the previous year. You will be amazed at the results!

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