Papercraft Like a Pro | Winning Color Combinations for Creating Backgrounds

Do you feel stuck when you want to choose blendable ink colors? Do you often end up with dark or “muddy” backgrounds when using watercolors or spray inks? Do you try to create backgrounds, but they never quite end up like the samples you see elsewhere? The problem is NOT your artistic ability… it’s probably just your color combination.

You ARE an artist! You CAN make the project you see in your mind! And, it’s EASY to choose winning color combinations that work great every time!

1. For FULLPROOF results every time, choose 3 colors to create your background.

2. Vary the amount of color you use on your background. Go heavy on one of the three colors, or use all three colors equally. Do whatever you want within the three-color combination you choose.

3. Choose colors of the same “likeness” for your background (all pastel colors or all bright colors within a project for example).

Next, take the concepts in the video with you! Download your FREE PDF PRINTABLE COLOR COMBINATION GUIDE. Keep this FREE PDF PRINTABLE COLOR COMBINATION GUIDE handy at your workspace or download to your phone for easy reference!

These color combinations work together to create amazing backgrounds regardless of the medium you use: stamping ink, Distress ink, spray ink, alcohol ink, watercolors, acrylic paint, gelatos, Magicals, “homemade” ink sprays, etc.

This is not a subscription or a prompt to join an email list. This is something I put together for myself to make my own papercrafting easier. And it works so well, I wanted to share it with my crafty family. Enjoy!

Please feel free to share this post with others, but please also be respectful and do not copy or attempt to sell this Printable Color Combination Guide as your own work.

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