Altered Altoid Tin Using Brutus Monroe Surface Sprays

Today I am trying Surface Sprays from Brutus Monroe, using them to alter a standard-sized Altoid tin. Brutus Monroe founder Christopher Alan explained to me that the surface sprays were permanent on metal, but I admit that I was skeptical. Snapshot_127

Watch Christopher Alan show me how to use the sprays….

I have tried lots of mixed media sprays with a claim to fame of being “permanent”, only to see everything slide to one side (even after sanding the surface first). But, Brutus Monroe Surface Sprays did not disappoint.
Watch my complete video tutorial:

First, I used a butter knife to separate the lid of the Altoid tin from the base. I set the base aside, and I sanded the lid lightly.Snapshot_116
I save up lots of little metal pieces, junk jewelry, buttons, beads, and other random items to use in mixed media projects. My rule of thumb is to keep the items lightweight and to keep them in a certain confined storage area (to prevent hoarding tendencies). So, I gathered my mixed media “junk” pieces and used Prima 3D Matte Gel to adhere the items to the lid of the tin.

It is really important to let the gel dry, so I used a heat gun to get the process started and then let it dry naturally for a few hours.
I placed the lid in a plastic tray (if you don’t have a tray, you can use a box lid or large old towel). Then I sprayed the Surface Sprays directly on top of the metal pieces. I dried this layer with a heat gun until it was mostly dry, although for better results I could have let it dry fully.


Then, I carefully removed the lid of the spray bottle. Using the stem of the sprayer, I dipped and dripped drops of a contrasting spray color onto the lid, just here and there. Experiment with drying between layers and spraying the colored droplets with plain water to encourage them to run. Surface Spray colors which are wet will blend together, but Surface Spray colors truly are permanent once dry. Let dry completely.

Once completely dry, I spattered white matte paint on the lid.
Then, I adhered final metal accents on the lid of the tin using more matte gel. These final metal accents were adhered later because I didn’t want them sprayed or painted. I let the lid dry overnight.Snapshot_125
Finally, I replaced the finished lid back onto the Altoid tin and used pliers to secure the little metal tabs back in place.Snapshot_126
This was such an easy and fun project!


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