Mixed Media – Altered Wine Bottle

I love aged, vintage looks in home décor and artwork. There are lots of ways to create this look, but Prima Marketing (Finnabair) has a series of wonderful vintage pastes that make it easy! These mediums can transform an ordinary empty wine bottle into a work of art. Here’s how I used them:

First, I used a heavy matte gel to adhere dryer sheets to the bottle (these are the dryer sheets straight out of the DRYER, not new from the box).A.Wine.Bottle.dryer.sheet

After the gel dried, I applied a thick coat of black gesso.B.Wine.Bottle.black.gesso

Then I applied the rust paste, which is a series of 3 colors. I used separate brushes for the brown and orange pastes, but applied them at the same time so they looked rather “patch-y”. Once the 2 colors covered the whole bottle, I blended them a bit, to reduce the patchiness. I let this stage dry completely before applying the yellow color. Then, I applied the yellow, making sure to highlight the raised areas. I let this stage dry completely. Then, I went BACK over the dry paste with more brown and orange paste, LIGHTLY this time, until the yellow was toned down and looked more natural.C.Wine.Bottle.DIY.rust.paste

After the rust paste was dry, I moved onto embellishments. I had some random items nearby from when I was trying out the patina paste (link below), and thought they looked kind of interesting. It didn’t seem logical from a scientific standpoint that something could be both rusty AND have the blue and greenish tint of patina, but that’s part of what made this combination so interesting to me. Plus, I liked the contrast. So, I used a heavy matte gel medium to adhere flowers, bottle caps, a pop tab, and an office clip to the bottle. It needed something, though, so I stuffed a wadded up piece of hemp twine to the side, under the flower petals. Then, I waited until that was fully dry before I decided on the flower centers. NOTE: after making several “rust paste wine bottles”, I realized that the wet paste actually serves as an incredible adhesive. So, I recommend either using more rust paste to adhere your embellishments, or else adhering them while the paste is still wet in the first place.D.Wine.Bottle.patina.embellishments.logo

I found my Stampin’ Up “Hodgepodge Hardware” tin and applied swirly metal embellishments to the center of each flower with heavy matte gel medium. Even though it dried clear, the gel medium looked a little sloppy. So I added some embossing medium with a paintbrush and an overdose of Stampin’ Up gold embossing powder. Awesome!1.Altered.wine.bottle.with.logo

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Product List:

Prima Marketing Finnabair Art Extravagance Rust Effect Pastes;

Prima Marketing Finnabair Art Extravagance Patina Effect Pastes;

Stampin’ Up Gold Embossing Powder;

Stampin’ Up Hemp Twine;

Prima Marketing Finnabair Art Basics 3D Matte Gel – transparent;

Prima Marketing Finnabair Art Basics Heavy Gesso – black;

Silk flowers and office embellishments from my stash.

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